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The "Koinonia Mission" was created as an experiment: a new kind of Missionary Organisation global concern with local participation and a global care will local share. Literally the word "Koinonia" Mean a communion, comunication, countribution, distibution, and fellowship,a participation of pepole together in Gods grace. It describes a new community in which individuals willingly covenant to share in Common, to be in submission to each other,or to take one another burdens to full fill the law of christ, and to build each other up in relationship with the lord"

We belive, no particular church has a private supply of truth of wisdom of missionary skills we become participants in mission not because we hold all the answers and all the truth, but became we are part of the body of christ. All of us are still searches.


Education is a crucial part of the Indian. Our church is not the Church of the poor we have a commitment to proclaim the gospel (God'sOnly Son preached eternal life) through learning education is a form of evangelism schools one an excellent way of reaching out to children and their parents an Christians, teachers, church members and church youth make friends with people from the under community.


KM enables members of different congregation through this nation meet- and bring the some of brother hood of a greater church. This deepens our consciousness of belonging to the church world wide Gods spirit is Just the same in the united Nation as in India we one left with the overwhelming feeling that we are a family.


Our New Testament peoples church takes evangelism seriously according to the great commission of our lord Jesus Christ Each church member is in a regional mission group, support by pastoral staff.They make home visits, supported near believers and take the gospel into the Community. Some group have helped plant near worshipping Communities and Prayer in rural areas Other have ministries in the hospitals, Prisions and slum areas.


KM aims at spreading awareness of the environmental crisis and equipping the people with skills to handle local ecological problems as part of the caring for creation KM has been Particularly interested in the promotion of the rich biodiversity of the country.


We host workshop an community development, inviting a group from several churches to see their projects at work. We train and send them to go and organize small groups in their local churches in to credit union - each receiving a small cash loan to start income generating projects.

"We belive that as we commit ourselves to him, so the holy Spirit enables us to share in the demonstration of his love, a healing love which is unsentimental enough, wide enough, patient enough, to change the world"

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