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Several problems and issues have been plaguing development in our country, poverty, namely, poverty, population growth, poor health inequity, low status of women, illiteracy, scourge of HIV/AIDS, untouchability, etc.

Though we have been addressing these problems and issues, we have to go a long way in cur concerted efforts perpetual social backwardness of some communities like daliths and tribes; superstitions and outmoded traditions weakened tolerance for fellow beings; degenerating of natural resources and recurring disasters and widening gap between rich and poor have been breaching our efforts in an era of prosperity, equity and social justice for all
                      People are prime movers and they should be brought into the forefront of all development interventions instead of making them mere recipients in the program

Empowerment approach therefore, in which people are helped to help themselves on self help spirit should be the need of hour to a great extent, unbridled population growth, on one side the scourge of HIV/AIDS on the other hand undermine our efforts in development while continuing our efforts in other frontiers, the population growth and the sexual and reproductive health have to be given incisive reorienting our intervention models, which need to be community driven to make then acceptable, sustainable and viable women need to be the overarching in all our intervention models.

I do not want to be too happy and content with the progress we have made we have achievements to our credit but will make us complacent. We need to rededicate ourselves for the cause of humanity. I am certain that our committed staff and the executive committee and our associates and partners, and partners, line departments, local bodies, other governmental and nongovernmental organizations and our supporters, national and international foundations are with us in our relentless efforts while expressing my heartfelt thanks to all our supporters, I welcome contributions, suggestions, concepts and critiques from all who share philosophy and concerns

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