Expect Great things from God. Attempt Great things for God.
FellowShip With God & Man
What's in a Name?
Koinonia Mission is a non-profit, non-commercial voluntary organization dedicated to the welfare of the Soceity.

KM was established in 1996, but was officially registered under the Andhra Pradesh Public Societies Registration Act, 1350 F, vide Regd. No. 4354/1996.

The KOINONIA MISSION to build bridges between rich and poor by making credit accessible to the disadvantaged of this world. Our society tends to divide the rich and the poor. The two groups have little daily contact and you would have both the rich and very poor. It is exploring a number of ways in which it can support the poor, the sick, and the neglected, Physically and Mentally ill people to achieve their basic rights through developments.



The "Koinonia Mission" was created as an experiment: a new kind of Missionary Organisation global concern with local participation and a global care will local share. Literally the word "Koinonia" Mean a communion, comunication, countribution, distibution, and fellowship,a participation of pepole together in Gods grace. It describes a new community in which individuals willingly covenant to share in Common, to be in submission to each other,or to take one another burdens to full fill the law of christ, and to build each other up in relationship with the lord"


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